Securing our future

Frau hält Pflanze in der Hand“Sustainable development means taking into account ecological aspects side by side with social and economic issues”, states the Council for Sustainable Development instated by the German government. We feel bound by this principle. If you don’t do it sustainably today, you will have no freedom of action tomorrow.

This is most illustratively exemplified by the field of fishery. That’s why we are particularly careful to buy and sell fish products from sustainable fisheries and controlled aquacultures only. Our product range is always in line with the environmental requirements: any products that qualify as threatened and are therefore fraught with risk are promptly replaced.

Sustainable sources of palm (kernel) oil are of very high importance for us. From 2016 on we are member of the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil, short RSPO, showing our commitment to environmental and social standards in the growing areas. For our products we use – if any – RSPO-certified palm (kernel) oil exclusively.

Since transparency is key to us, all our products are fully traceable right to their origins. A close collaboration with all actors in the production and marketing process as well as the constant supervision of the manufacturing process ensure that sustainability is maintained.