We are living our policy

Eine Gruppe schwört sich ein

    A tried and tested policy is the key to successful corporate governance. That’s why it is subject to constant monitoring. Our guiding principles have stood the test of time in more than 60 years of corporate history. To us it’s not just words – we do live our policy and hand it down to our employees. It is a critical element in our corporate culture:
  • We believe in our workforce! Individual responsibility and extensive leeway in decision-making create trust.
  • And trust entails identification with the company! That’s what allows us to offer optimal counselling, vibrant relationships and flexible services through our staff.
  • Identification brings customer retention! Competence, fairness and dependability ‑ the business relationships with our trade partners have existed for decades.
  • Success through customer retention! Our partners allow us to hold our ground in existing markets and develop new ideas and products based on well-oiled collaborations.
  • Success ensures future viability! We are well aware of our responsibility toward our employees, customers, the quality of our products and the Environment.