About us

Schüsslersalze und Globuli mit KamilleFor years, self-medication has been an important cornerstone for many who are eager to actively promote their health and well-being. This is what initially led us to form the company back in 1994. Ever since, we have provided our customers and consumers with a constantly growing, ample healthcare portfolio that comprises over-the-counter drugs, medical devices, and food supplements. Our preparations are available both under our private brands PRO DIMI PHARMA® and MÖNCHSGARTEN® and a wealth of brands by our customers.


Glückliches Paar am Strand

“Health is the paramount good.”

Although well known, this saying is more relevant than ever in times of an increasingly fast-paced and intense rhythm of life. We deliver market-driven healthcare products at an excellent price-performance ratio to meet individual requirements: a chance for anyone to protect and promote one’s health. The foundation for this is modern scientific data as well as experience and tradition. Exploiting this synergy, we develop effective, innovative and market-driven products that are in line with our customers’ and consumers’ strict requirements.

Quality management

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Our healthcare products are manufactured under cutting-edge production conditions and according to the most stringent of quality standards. Only thus can we guarantee that our products are pristine and marketable.

Manufacturing permits for drugs pursuant to Article 13 AMG (German Medicines Law) certification pursuant to ISO 13485 regarding the development and manufacture of medical devices.