About us


MERX Markenprodukte provides non-food products such as attractive accessories and convenient aids for everyday life. Ever since the business was formed in 1948, the development and manufacture of novel products has taken centre stage.

We cater to international retailers with trendy and functional convenience goods. Using a variety of trademarks, we deliver cachepots, hair ties and hair brushes amongst other things.


Familie mit drei KindernOur products are designed to make life easier for our customers. That’s why we attach major importance to observing consumer behaviour and launching new products that the customer needs. Our aspiration: MERX Markenprodukte delivers “small things” to bring that extra comfort to your life.

Quality management

Daumen nach obenWe guarantee that our articles are subjected to an uninterrupted quality assurance process at home and abroad. Our quality assurance personnel accompanies and inspects the production processes right on location so that our customers can be be sure that the product meets the specifications.