About us


HMF Food Production stands for enjoyment and “eating well”. This is the conviction we committed ourselves to when the company was founded in 1975. We deliver quality foods to international trade partners. Whether ambient, cooled or deep-frozen, snacks, fish, noodles or sauces – our range of products reflects everything that a gourmet’s heart may fancy.

Being familiar with the requirements of the competition, we make sure to be present at the local level while keeping it international in the grand scheme of things. With our subsidiaries in France, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Greece and the United States, we have established a tried and tested network that enables us to respond to local consumer habits.

Philosophy and objective targets

Eine Gruppe von Freunden beim Essen

Consumers are making increasing demands on the products. No generation past has focussed so much on nutrition issues. Individual predilections have supplanted predetermined standards, and habits are in constant flux.

HMF Food Production delivers foods for a modern society. The only way to be successful is to keep a constant eye on the market, spot trends, and adapt the products accordingly. This permits us to meet the customers’ expectations and offer real value for money.

Quality management

Daumen nach obenOur products are examined in detail by our internal quality management department in order to guarantee quality. Our nutritional scientists, food chemists and technologists stand for certified controls. What’s more, the flow of goods is constantly monitored by independent laboratories, right down to the final product.