About us

Vanilleeis mit SchokoladeWe offer a broad selection of high-quality rice varieties that we create and produce in cooperation with our renowned partners. In doing so we can draw on decades of experience in the marketing and production of ice cream. In 2007 we launched our own label with CRISTALLO Frozen Food.


Ein Paar isst EisEvery summer sees ice cream in new flavours entering the market. Customers are open to seasonal trends, and we want to get them enthusiastic about our latest creations. That’s why we are constantly developing and producing of new formulations. We’re already working on the flavour of tomorrow today.

Quality management

Daumen nach obenOur products are examined in detail by our internal quality management department in order to guarantee quality. Our nutritional scientists, food chemists and technologists stand for certified controls. What’s more, the flow of goods is constantly monitored by independent laboratories, right down to the final product.